Sunday, March 1, 2015

Feel better with Rainymood

Weather changes mood, as Kurt Cobain sings. It is a dogma. Well, psychologically, it is the truth.

Personally I always like rainy weather. That wet streets with raindrops pouring, I have always liked being out there. Of course with an umbrella.

Even when your inside your house or office, isn't it relaxing to hear the rain pouring down the earth, the leaves, the roof? Combined with little thunderstorms, the sound of the rain is like music. It's a sweet melody to the ears.

Let's admit it, when it rains we feel better.

Here's a beautiful website that make us relax whether you are in the house or in the office.

The sound you'll here is an actual rainfall. And it doesn't stop. It is continuous. No repetition. It's like hearing a real rain.

A very beautiful sound most ideal to hear anytime of the day. Although most of the time you want to get relaxed at the middle of the day. In the afternoon or at late night.

You can also combine the rain sound to this music:

Or just any slow, soothing music always goes together with this sound of a pouring rain by RainyMood.

I tried Pictures of You by The Cure and it was so lovely. :)

Just click the image above. Or click here.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

96 most commonly used words in English and their synonyms

Now try to check out a web page that gives you the 96 most used words in the English language. These must have been used in English essays, students' compositions, news, love letters and business letters, textbooks, novels, short story books, or even in ordinary Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.

I won't give you all here all those 96 words but let you hop in to the original Web page that provides us these awesome commonly used English words,

Just click on the image below.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Internet Made More Fun With Chrome Experiments

The creators of Chrome Experiments are the creators of Google's browser Chrome. Yes, they are.

So this must be something great.

This website shows awesomeness about the World Wide Web through sophisticated Web Development programming. That of course include sophisticated codes.

Here's an excerpt from its About page:
Chrome Experiments is a showcase of web experiments written by the creative coding community.
All of them are built in HTML5 and JavaScript using open web technologies such as Canvas, WebGL, WebRTC, and Portable Native Client. Each experiment is submitted by the creator.
It’s our hope that these projects provide inspiration to anyone interested in experimenting creatively with the web. We also hope they show how the web is constantly becoming more powerful, more fun, and more open – the spirit in which we built Google Chrome.
 We’re always looking for new experiments. If you've made something fun, fast and beautiful in HTML5 and JavaScript, please send it in. We can't post everything, but we'd love to see it. Thanks for visiting, and happy experimenting.

One page I stumbled upon showcased the floating, animated numbers 500 drawn in motion. From which when you hover the mouse anywhere in the screen you will see names of contributors and their projects with blob sound effects. 500 pertains to the number of experiments that have been submitted to the site.

Hop in by clicking the image above.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Philippines: Know your SSS status

If you're a Filipino or an SSS member in the Philippines and getting tired of lining up long lines in an SSS branch in your city, you can inquire about your SSS status online through the Philippine government official SSS website.

Just click the image below.

If you want to know how to inquire on this website, go to this page: how to check your SSS status online.

Th website is already 15-Years-Old. It went live on January 19, 1999.

It has a considerable amount of traffic due to the visitors are SSS members. Imagine how many Filipinos are employed in the country and in abroad?

Not all are visiting and inquiring their SSS status in the site everyday, but still, that's a lot!

Here's its ranking details in Alexa.

Alexa Traffic Rank
Traffic Rank in
Sites Linking In

It has a page rank of 6.

Website that you can watch movies for free

Here's a website from Sweden that is super duper awesome. It's awesome because you can watch you favorite movies without prompting you for payment through credit card or PayPal. It doesn't require a subscription.

You just go hop into the site, click movies, select from the many movies from the list, old and new ones, then that's it. You can watch immediately right there and then.

Check it out. Just click the image below.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A New Technology Blog in the Philippines

Other than the pioneers of the tech blogs in the Philippines such as Yugatech, TechPinas, Pinoytechblog and among others that provides the latest in Philippine technology world, new smartphone releases and reviews, there is a new site that emerges out of nowhere called Techtektek.

While this also provides what most tech blogs in Philippines provide; it's the branding that stand out from most of the popular tech blogs in the Philippines. The logo and the gold and silver color blending makes it a recall, just as those popular sites have like Facebook's color blue branding.

Other than that, it also gives pure, up-to-date tech news in Philippines and in the world. It also gives the latest on PC games, some information about software and movie downloads, automobile and audio equipment news. Check out this site by clicking the image above.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Hunter Not so Hot After All

Because there is a website called The Cool Hunter, a hunter here is not hot at all. If you want to know a lot of things about UK, Europe (oh okay, I want to include the rest of the world), then this is the site for you.
What makes this hunter so cool is that he captures everything he really see in almost all parts of the earth. I can't say that you can see all, but in some most visited places in the world. Well, at least this site has some niche and I think that would have been travel. Although it seems you can almost see anything here, you can only know about news, Architecture, Design, Travel, Fashion,Lifestyle,Music,Art,Amazing, Places,Ads,Kids,Stores,Events,Bars,Food,House,Transportation,Offices, Treelife, and much more. You can also try to view its favourite blog called Oh did I miss some Rs there? So funny and amusing this blog you can see some pictures that really roll on its subject. Oh yeah they really do roll. What things that roll or any individual can roll as long as you do it. Just roll. Just do it. Here's some brief description from the about page of this website itself:
Led by founder Bill Tikos, The Cool Hunter celebrates creativity in all of its modern manifestations. Since its inception in 2004 The Cool Hunter has become the world's most-read culture and design site, a leading authority on all things creative and a truly global hub for what's cool, thoughtful, innovative and original. We value global relevance, not trends, channeling our discoveries to our worldwide audience.
Click here to view this beautiful website.