Sunday, March 1, 2015

Feel better with Rainymood

Weather changes mood, as Kurt Cobain sings. It is a dogma. Well, psychologically, it is the truth.

Personally I always like rainy weather. That wet streets with raindrops pouring, I have always liked being out there. Of course with an umbrella.

Even when your inside your house or office, isn't it relaxing to hear the rain pouring down the earth, the leaves, the roof? Combined with little thunderstorms, the sound of the rain is like music. It's a sweet melody to the ears.

Let's admit it, when it rains we feel better.

Here's a beautiful website that make us relax whether you are in the house or in the office.

The sound you'll here is an actual rainfall. And it doesn't stop. It is continuous. No repetition. It's like hearing a real rain.

A very beautiful sound most ideal to hear anytime of the day. Although most of the time you want to get relaxed at the middle of the day. In the afternoon or at late night.

You can also combine the rain sound to this music:

Or just any slow, soothing music always goes together with this sound of a pouring rain by RainyMood.

I tried Pictures of You by The Cure and it was so lovely. :)

Just click the image above. Or click here.

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