Sunday, October 13, 2013

A New Technology Blog in the Philippines

Other than the pioneers of the tech blogs in the Philippines such as Yugatech, TechPinas, Pinoytechblog and among others that provides the latest in Philippine technology world, new smartphone releases and reviews, there is a new site that emerges out of nowhere called Techtektek.

While this also provides what most tech blogs in Philippines provide; it's the branding that stand out from most of the popular tech blogs in the Philippines. The logo and the gold and silver color blending makes it a recall, just as those popular sites have like Facebook's color blue branding.

Other than that, it also gives pure, up-to-date tech news in Philippines and in the world. It also gives the latest on PC games, some information about software and movie downloads, automobile and audio equipment news. Check out this site by clicking the image above.

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