Monday, April 22, 2013

A Hunter Not so Hot After All

Because there is a website called The Cool Hunter, a hunter here is not hot at all. If you want to know a lot of things about UK, Europe (oh okay, I want to include the rest of the world), then this is the site for you.
What makes this hunter so cool is that he captures everything he really see in almost all parts of the earth. I can't say that you can see all, but in some most visited places in the world. Well, at least this site has some niche and I think that would have been travel. Although it seems you can almost see anything here, you can only know about news, Architecture, Design, Travel, Fashion,Lifestyle,Music,Art,Amazing, Places,Ads,Kids,Stores,Events,Bars,Food,House,Transportation,Offices, Treelife, and much more. You can also try to view its favourite blog called Oh did I miss some Rs there? So funny and amusing this blog you can see some pictures that really roll on its subject. Oh yeah they really do roll. What things that roll or any individual can roll as long as you do it. Just roll. Just do it. Here's some brief description from the about page of this website itself:
Led by founder Bill Tikos, The Cool Hunter celebrates creativity in all of its modern manifestations. Since its inception in 2004 The Cool Hunter has become the world's most-read culture and design site, a leading authority on all things creative and a truly global hub for what's cool, thoughtful, innovative and original. We value global relevance, not trends, channeling our discoveries to our worldwide audience.
Click here to view this beautiful website.

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