Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Delectable Japanese Fare—Satisfaction In Every Language

Fresh, healthy, and light—who doesn't love Japanese cuisine?

Aptly named, “umai” is translated as great and delicious. And from one food fan to another, just browsing through their pages will make your mouth water and your stomach hanker for some unparalleled authentic Japanese food.
  • Freshness on the daily
Japanese cuisine is characteristically one of the freshest and healthiest in the world. You will see that Umai Sushi Factory upholds that standard and that their impressive menu is handmade by experts on a daily basis.

The site is useful if you want to view their offerings before making your way to their store. From quick bites to full meals, everything can be viewed—complete with detailed descriptions and mouth-watering photographs.

You will also find interesting tidbits about the store, such as their specialization in Japanese food, their commitment to providing their customers with handmade, fresh, and healthy food, as well as their dedication to remain environment and eco-friendly.
  • Convenient and customer-friendly
True to the influence of minimalism in Japanese culture, the site appears refreshingly clean and in no way pretentious. All that you need to know about Umai Sushi Factory is just a click away.

There is even a detailed map of the store location, as well as store hours and contact information.
  • Useful links and product features
Displayed on the site are their other practical, non-food products, such as the traditional Japanese eco bag—to reduce the use of waste plastic material.

The site also provides links to attention-worthy sites such as Japan Centre News, Japan Centre Online, Japan Centre Store Finder, Restaurant Toku, and Japan Centre Sushi Academy.

Indeed, Umai Sushi Factory not only deserves to boast of their innovative and evolving menu, but also their novel and top-notch website. Click the image above to get to the site.

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