Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Explore Electronic Art With Weave Silk

This time it's the evolution of electronic arts. This website called Silk at is not the usual website that has different pages on the navigation bar. It doesn't have categories or post tags--for it doesn't have posts that users can click and read. It is simply a website that lets you move your mouse and some keys to produce a silk art. Here's what I came up forming the Letter "B" and letter "S", which are the initials of this blog, Beautiful Sites.

I didn't finish the movement of this because I want to have the letter "B" and "S" to be still visible. If I finish the action, the letters won't be visible anymore.

Here's a brief description about this site and its creators:

Silk was created by Yuri Vishnevsky as an experiment in generative art. He is currently working on his degree in Computer Science and Linguistics. For fun, he dabbles in mathematics, art, and piano. Extra bandwidth is graciously provided by Slicehost. The wonderful Silk wallpapers were designed by the inimitable Anand Sharma.

The movement of the generated silk reminds me of smoke rings. As you know when you release a ring shape smoke of your cigarette, it retains the smoke shape for a second and changes direction from the wind, depending how strong the wind is or where the direction is.

Speaking of wind direction, this site also lets you control the wind from the stars on the screen as you move along your mouse. So the direction of the movement of the silk can be also controlled by you.

The site is obviously for fun. You can explore different shapes and different sizes to form an amazing silk shape. The shapes can be used as a wallpaper on your desktop to add more attraction to your PCs.

Here's the given silk shape called Blue Light that you can download on the site. Both Windows and Mac users can use it. Mac users can download it at iTunes for free.

Check out this beautiful site by clicking here. Or from the images above.

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