Saturday, April 9, 2011

Open Travel Features Fairytale Destinations

This site is actually a blog, which offers all places in even little corners of the earth. But this post totally change my whole perception about travel blogs.

The title is Fairytale Destinations. At first I thought I was seeing paintings of certain places in the world, as what the first sentence of the post asks the reader if indeed they are real. They are indeed real.

This post gives all the destinations in the world that we never thought they exist. As if these places can only be seen in the movies, fairytale movies. But they indeed are real as the air you breathe.

Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic what caught my attention. The post says that it could have been the perfect location for shooting in Lord of the Rings. It  is indeed as similar as to the film location: New Zealand.

Faroe Islands, Colmar, France, Neuschwanstein castle, Germany, Cappadocia, Turkey are just among of those fairytale destinations in the world. Click this link to get you there:  Opentravel/Fairytale Destinations. You can also click the image above to get you to this beautiful site.

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