Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things You Thought That Had No Names

Think of anything and you can always give it a name; well, because things you know that exist in the world have names. But there are so many things you never knew that have names.

What about the dot on the letter "i" and letter "j". How are you going to call it? A dot? Too common. No. It isn't a dot. You don't know because you thought it doesn't have a name or the world and human existence hadn't given a name for this kind of thing.

A body part, a part of a machine, a view of nature, a device, or even the most common thing you see everyday but you just have no idea what to call it. Well, these things really have names. And to figure that out is to visit this page from buzzfeed.com. This page has all the things with names listed along with the pictures.

Visit the page to check out. Click this link. Or--as usual--click the image above.

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