Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Experiment With Pixel Animator from Escape Motions

Here's another beautiful website that lets you experiment your capacity for visual arts. You can draw any images by clicking on the little boxes with different colors. You can play around with the software by clicking "Play" button. The squares will run around like crazy as you try to catch what exact figure you want to come out.

If you don't know how to begin, try to click on the link just below the page. You will then see the examples of finished works by some of the artists who've tried it. You choose from the selection of thumbnails, and there you can play around with it.

For instance, The Water Fluid Simulation, where you can click anywhere on the box. This page allows you to play around with virtual water drops as you design an animation of your choice.Click here to view the page: Water Fluid Simulation.

Click here to see this exact page of this beautiful website: Escape Motions. You can also hover the mouse on the image above and click on it. 


  1. i like it bro... makagawa nga din ng ganyan heheheh :) God Bless You

  2. Actually I'm not really good at graphics. Photoshop nga hirap pa ko. BTW nice site! Hope to create some kind of pixelized image here.

  3. @Good Filipino: Thanks bro for visiting; cge bro gawa ka rin ganito; hehe:-) God Bless you too.

    @Christian: Yes click m lang image s taas; thanks for dropping by Christian. Cheers!:-)

  4. Wow im a graphic designer and thanks for sharing this, I'll try this when I have a free time